WattsGoingDown™ Lighting Controller

Controlling your lights is now as easy as 1, 2, 3

Smart Savings

Bright lights are awesome but for the times you don't feel like bragging, WattsGoingDown™ is there to save you money. Download the flyer.

Selectable Brightness

Every building and every market is unique. WattsGoingDown™ allows you to determine how bright your courts are when they are vacant or set to Recreation mode.

Fully Automatic

Court occupancy is automatically detected ensuring players are never left in the dark but preventing wasted energy on unused courts.

Want Remote Control?

There's an app for that!

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WattsGoingDown™ Mobile App

Connect to the WattsGoingDown™ System from your iPhone and other iOS devices, Android devices, and even mobile web. Managing your court lighting is easy and only a touch away.

Many Benefits

Here are a few of the many benefits to installing and using the WattsGoingDown™ Control System.

Cloud based mobile app

Manage your lights remotely through the WattsGoingDown™ cloud based mobile app.

Smart controller

Thanks to the intelligence inside the WattsGoingDown™ controller you can easily save an additional 40% on your energy bill.

Per court lighting

Adjust light levels on a court by court basis.

Lighting status

Know what mode your court lights are in even from home.

Occupancy detection

With the WattsGoingDown™ controller, your players will never be left in the dark and money is never wasted on vacant courts.

Court Analytics

Gain powerful insights into your courts' monthly usage.


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